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We specialize in Small Satellite Technology & Space School is part of our Outreach programs

What can you learn in the Workshop?

There is a growing interest of young students/professionals who would love to discover the art of building of systems for space. However, there is very little professional information on such a niche development with a systems engineering level knowledge. Space School is a unique foundation that creates a platform for such intensive hands-on learning as well as developing a systems engineering approach for space systems.

Space School 2014 shall provide an opportunity for participants to build a miniaturized satellite alongside get to learn about each subsystem of a small satellite. The program is delivered by experts in space science and technology with a background in small satellites. Participants will also visit several facilities such as a satellite research lab, observatory and will learn to communicate with satellites and experience astrophotography.

“How are Satellites built using Open Source Hardware?”











You get to interact with space professionals with experience across the globe. Space School is a great place to network with fellow participants, a Space NGO, space freelancers.


You’ll be going through several landscapes of Space Science & Technology, touching several corners of Space Technology. Carry forward your knowledge to grow bigger in Space.


Just seminars is very much like one way traffic or ‘All Work and No Play’. At Space School you’ll get to build and realise hardware that can be used for space applications.


At the end of the day, its all about the motivation, the drive, the hunger to grow bigger. Space School is a unique opportunity that can elevate you to grow the fire in your belly!


What People Say About Us!

  • “I was glad to hear about your vision and would certainly encourage your endeavours in this direction”

    - Rakesh Sharma, Cosmonaut (Indian Space Program)

  • “Reaching For the Cosmos”

    - Postnoon, Indian News Daily

  • “SpaceUp India served as a platform for very highly interactive sessions on space related topics.”

    - Divya Shankar, Icarus Interstellar


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