Space School 2014

With the evolution of small satellites, there is an active interest from several Indian universities to develop such spacecrafts. Four universities in India have already built and launched small satellites over the last five years and many others have showcased interest to be involved in such a development. Due to the lack of resources in skilled manpower to train these interested groups, coupled with budgetary problems many universities have not been able to kick-off such a program. This is an opportunity to experience working within a Space Mission as a team with participants with different skill sets and expertise.

Theme & Timeline

Space School 2014 shall focus on providing a hands-on training on development of an engineering model of a 1U CubeSat. Space School 2014 shall be held between 21-25, July, 2014, in collaboration with International Institute of Aerospace Engineering & Management, Jain University, Bangalore.

Features of Space School 2014

  • Space School 2014 shall provide an opportunity for participants to develop a systems engineering perspective in building a spacecraft, alongside learning about each of the subsystems of a small satellite.
  • The program shall be delivered by experts in space science and technology with a background in small satellites. Participants shall also visit several facilities such as a satellite research lab, learn to communicate with satellites.
  • The program shall encourage engagement between academia-industry-agencies on a common platform, which will establish a precedent for future engagement of these islands of excellence.
  • Space School shall develop a DIY Space community around the participants, creating new possibilities of using COTS Hardware and Software for public use.
  • Provides a networking opportunity nationally and internationally for young space enthusiasts with scientists, engineers, industry leaders to bond over ideas.

Space School Participation

Space School 2014 is open to all space enthusiasts above the age of 18 and is independent of the field of expertise or experience. This is a completely residential program where participants shall be provided on-campus accommodation.